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Excused absences will be granted for the following circumstances:

  • Up to 5 days during a school year for medical appointment/illness without a medical excuse;
  • Up to 5 days during a school year for mental or behavioral health of a student; and,
  • Up to 5 days during a school year for family/personal business which requires the student to be out of town.

Any absences beyond 5 days for each circumstance stated above will require a written medical excuse for the absence to be considered excused. District #7 reserves the right to require additional excuses for medical absences.

Tardies & Absences
Elementary: Students are marked a half-day absent after 20 minutes of being late. This also figures into the end of the day if a student leaves the school day with more than 20 minutes of instructional time remaining. 

Middle & High: Students are marked absent if they are more than five minutes late to a class.

For complete information regarding student attendance, please refer to page 42 of the District #7 Student Handbook.