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One of District #7’s top priorities is the safety and security of our students and staff.  

To help ensure all our students feel safe, we have implemented the Safe2SpeakUp app, where students can anonymously report bullying for themselves or their friends, as well as other tips or incidents. Staff, parents and the community can also take an active role in reporting tips or providing information via a website link.  

District #7 students can use the Safe2Speak app to submit tip reports to the safety team.   

Specific instructions for students:  

  1. Download the Safe2Speak app from App store or Google Play 
  2. Log in using your school email address and 123 as the password 
  3. Go to settings and change your password 

 *If a student does not want to download the Safe2SpeakUP app on their phone, the app is in Schoology – so reports can be made from their school device.

Safe2SpeakUp Student App Training Toolkit

ANYONE can report an anonymous tip to the Safety Team by using this link.  

ANYONE can also report a harassment or discrimination complaint by using this link.


For questions regarding student safety and security, please contact Director Security Michael Hubbard at