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Inclement Weather Closing Information

If inclement weather conditions prompt District #7 to cancel school, modify bus schedules, or implement an e-Learning day, we will promptly communicate these changes to parents and staff using various communication channels. Please note that while extreme weather can be unpredictable, we aim to make the decision regarding school closures or e-Learning days by 5 a.m., whenever possible, on days affected by or threatened with inclement weather. District #7 will notify you only if school is canceled, bus routes are changed, or an e-Learning day is declared. Additionally, on inclement weather days, Kid Zone will be closed, and further information will be provided to families enrolled in the program. 

District #7 can use up to five e-Learning days in lieu of snow days when weather conditions pose safety risks for students traveling to school. Our intention is not to eliminate all snow days entirely with the use of e-Learning days. Instead, we will incorporate both e-Learning and snow days as needed.  

District #7 e-Learning Plan 
For any District #7 family that does not have internet access at home, please contact your building principal and the school will work to support this need. 

When the decision is made to cancel school or hold an e-Learning day due to inclement weather, the District will send an email and a recorded message via phone to all families via our message broadcast system, School Messenger.  

The system will utilize contact information that the District currently has on file in School Messenger, which interfaces with the District’s student information system. Contact information was provided at registration by parents/guardians. Revised or updated contact information should be provided to your child’s school. All information and contact numbers are secure and confidential.  

Additionally, District #7 will post school closure information at and on our social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. The District also notifies local television stations (KMOV-TV CHANNEL 4 NEWS; KSDK-TV CHANNEL 5 NEWS; FOX 2 NEWS).