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We are grateful for your commitment and interest in the lives of the young people in our community. Your contributions enrich the student experience and help students to reach their full potential, while supporting our teachers and staff. The time that you spend volunteering with a young person has a huge impact on his or her self-esteem, behavior and academic achievement. Volunteers help us build a strong foundation for our students as they continue their education and select a career path. Volunteering is evidence of strong community support. As a district, we feel privileged to enjoy such strong support. Your actions serve as a fine example of the positive contributions individuals can make to public education.

Volunteer program goals:

  • Assist teachers and staff in providing more individualized and enriching instruction to students. 

  • Increase the student’s motivation for learning 

  • Enrich the school district’s children’s experiences beyond what is normally available in schools through the unique resources that can be contributed by volunteers. 

  • Assist teachers with many non-teaching duties and tasks 

  • Provide an opportunity for interested community members to participate effectively in school volunteer programs. 

  • Strengthen school-community relations through positive participation 

  • Build an understanding of how schools work among the community, thus stimulating a large volume of involvement in the total educational process.


We are concerned with the safety of our students and therefore, have developed a detailed process for approving volunteers.  Any person interested in volunteering with the district must complete a background and reference checks.  The background check is valid for one calendar year from the date of completion and must be completed annually to continue to be eligible to volunteer.

We will check the following for each person interested in volunteering with the school district: 

  • State and Federal Sex Offender Databases 
  • Nationwide Criminal Record Search 
  • Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Database 
  • Current and Previous Employer(s) 

To obtain the background check form, you will need to sign up to serve as a volunteer at an upcoming event through the PTO at your child's school. The school secretary will distribute the form and the District will run the appropriate checks.  

Upon approval from the district to volunteer, you will be required to abide by the following requirements regarding your presence on school district premises or while a chaperone on a field trip. 

  1. You must sign in with the building secretary upon entering the building. 
  2. You will be required to wear a “Volunteer” or "Visitor" badge while you are volunteering with the district. 
  3. You must sign out with the building secretary when you are completed with your volunteering activity.